Weigh Yourself Everyday

If you’re serious about losing weight than you have to weigh yourself everyday.  The general argument against this is that if you weigh yourself everyday you are bound to have some days when the scale indicates that you gained weight and you’ll lose interest in the whole endeavor!  Oh, my!  Really?  This is a problem?

If you weigh yourself everyday you’re getting feedback on how you’re doing in reaching your goal.  This is really important.  It keeps you focused.  If you’re driving a car, you don’t look at the speedometer every few hours.  You look at it often to make sure you’re reaching your goal of being a safe and infraction-free motor vehicle operator.

If you’re serious about losing weight, weigh yourself everyday.


Home Fitness Center

A home fitness center doesn’t have to be elaborate.  I’ve cobbled together one that is inexpensive and doesn’t take up a huge amount of room.  This is the one I have in my garage.  It includes a stationary bicycle, rowing machine, and a power tower (in the back, behind the drums):

Home Fitness Center

The advantages of a home fitness center:

  • It’s always accessable
  • You don’t have to drive to get to it
  • It’s available in all types of weather, any time of the day
  • There’s no monthly fee

Having a home fitness center has been really helpful to me and was instrumental in developing a good exercise habit.  Start designing yours today.

Let’s Get Started

It’s Super Bowl Sunday.  I’ve given up the idea of setting New Year’s resolutions because they just haven’t been that helpful to me.  What I typically do is, set resolutions throughout the year, and tackle them as I decide to focus on them.

So let’s start discussing how we get ourselves in shape, and prepare for the next half century.  There are a lot of fitness issues and health issues that affect us.  Let’s find out about them and determine which ones are relevant to our lives and how we go about resolving them and incorporating them into our lives.